About Us

Welcome to Northcape Software.

We're a team of professional website developers who believe that nonprofit organisations and projects deserve great websites.

How we work

Northcape Software is a social enterprise.

We create a lot of free websites, but we also earn income from nonprofit clients who upgrade to a paid plan and from business customers who are referred to us.

We use that income to pay our bills of course but any profit left over is used to fund nonprofit initiatives such as the Northcape Academy and independent projects we want to support.

Northcape Academy

Free courses in software and technology.

The Northcape Academy delivers free training and resources to help young people and long term unemployed start a career in the software industry. So far Northcape Academy has delivered courses to about 160 students.

Supported by INTERA Technology Park and Codehub.

INTERA Technology Park

Code Hub