About Northcape

Northcape is a software company. We create websites and provide related services such as website analytics. We’re experts in cloud computing and we design, build and manage high-performance digital platforms.

We’re also a social enterprise. All proceeds are used to fund social projects benefiting children and young people.

We create websites and software, but first…

…we’d like to talk about why.

Northcape is a software company, but we’re also a social enterprise. This means we provide professional, competitive software services just like any other company. But in our case, all profits are used to fund social projects; our owners take no pay or benefits of any kind.

We are not a charity and we don’t accept donations. We earn all our income by working hard for our clients and producing websites and products they value. We use the proceeds of that work to enable some amazing and dedicated people to provide life-changing care and educational services.

The focus of our social work is children and young people. We aim to improve their living conditions and their future prospects. We emphasise long-term projects benefiting vulnerable children, and activities designed to help young adults develop their careers and skills.

Projects we currently work with:


Our Kids Foundation




Our Kids Foundation working with children at the Egipatsko Selo orphanage, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Services

Build-Your-Own Website

Our build-it-yourself service provides everything you need to create your own website. Ideal for small and medium-sized websites, personal blogs and online stores.

Website Design and Build

We provide a complete website development service from concept to launch… and beyond. This service is for brands and organizations who want a customised website to create a unique experience for their customers.

High Performance Digital Platforms

We design, build and manage very high performance, massively scalable platforms for high-volume websites and business-critical applications. Backed by the Google Cloud, this is the trusted, reliable and secure platform for modern global business.

Development Services for Design Agencies

We partner with design agencies who want to outsource website development, hosting, analytics and other digital services. Agencies use this service when they don’t have software developers in-house or when they need help with peak workloads or unfamiliar technologies.

Related Website Services

To complement the core services, we offer a range of additional services such as website analytics, HTML email coding, online billing systems, and hosting.

Offshore Development

For clients who want a dedicated team, we recruit and manage offshore teams, working from a purpose-built technology park in the beautiful city of Mostar, in South Eastern Europe. Competitive offshore rates from a European time-zone.