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WordPress Custom Themes

Supervised Online Course

Northcape Academy is pleased to announce a new online course: WordPress Custom Themes

This course is suitable for anyone interested in developing customised websites and web applications based on the WordPress content management system.

The course includes the following topics:
Using WordPress Functions
The WordPress Codex
The WordPress Loop
WordPress Template Hierarchy
Navigation Menus
Parent and Child Pages
Contact Forms
Custom Queries, Post Types and Fields
WordPress Hooks
Using Images
WordPress REST API
JavaScript Modules and Classes

This is a supervised online course. You will be assigned a mentor who will provide online lectures to introduce key concepts and help you get connected to the Northcape Academy teaching server. You will then follow a series of video tutorials on your own, at your own pace. Your mentor will be available to help you and provide feedback throughout the course.

Supervised Online Course
The course is free
Rolling registrations
Online lectures
12 hours of video tutorials

We allow rolling registrations, so you can apply any time. New courses start every few months. Please be aware there are limited places and you may have to wait for a place to become available.

To apply, email us at We’ll send you an application form. 

You do not need to have much coding experience or any experience with WordPress, but you must demonstrate a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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