Why We’re a Social Enterprise

As well as a software company, North Cape Software is also a social enterprise supporting social projects for vulnerable children and young people. Here’s why.

By Russ Wiltshire, Founder and Technical Director

Back in 2014, I set off on a motorcycle tour around Europe. I happened to arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina just after some unusually high rainfall caused a disastrous flood in the north of the country. I volunteered with a local children’s charity Our Kids Foundation who were delivering food, clothes and medical supplies to families in the affected area. While working with the team I got to know more about their work. Afterwards they showed me a few of their projects and I met the children and young people they support.

Our Kids Foundation works with children living in sometimes dire conditions in orphanages and hospitals around the country. They provide the nurturing environment that every child needs, and continue to support them as they grow into young adults and make the transition to independent living. They rely on donations and grants, and like all small charities it’s a constant struggle to find enough money. I thought about how I could use my experience in the software business to help find a solution; something that would generate more predictable, regular income for them. That’s where the inspiration for North Cape Software came from

North Cape Software offers competitive services and products just like any other commercial business. The difference is that we’re designed from the ground up to focus on a social cause rather than profits for shareholders. The owners of North Cape Software receive no pay or dividends. All income either remains in the company to help it grow, or it’s used to fund social projects and non-profit organisations such as Our Kids Foundation.

We feel that it’s important for the business to be located within the community it supports. The business itself creates jobs and brings money into the local economy. And the resources of the company can be used to provide free vocational training and education, to help young people develop valuable skills and gain work experience.

We are not a charity. We don’t accept donations. Instead we earn all of our income and in this way we have a self-sustainable financial model. North Cape Software is the first venture we’ve set up using this model. It’s still early days but we’re off to a great start and we have ambitious plans for other businesses using the same model.

We’d love for you to be part of the story. Please get in touch. We’re always happy to talk.

Russ Wiltshire
North Cape Software

You can find out more about Our Kids Foundation here: https://ourkidsfoundation.org



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